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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and good morning, america. hello to robin. she's closer than ever this morning. she's actually backstage this morning, as she gets ready for her comeback. hello to elizabeth vargas. we have a lot to get to this morning. you see the president right there, with maria elena of univision. pretty clear that immigration reform is at the top of his agenda for the second term. he says that he's optimistic. >> that's an issue so important to the hispanic population in the united states. there's a big debate raging online about a cheerleader, a dedicated ravens cheerleader, who says she's been banned of going to the super bowl because of her weight. the growing outrage and the campaign now to get her to new orleans in time for the super bowl this weekend. >> she really wants to go. >> do you blame her? >> so do i. are you about to get ripped off while you're on vacation and away from your home? not to be a bummer. but we're going inside the burglary hit list that could be
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tied to your newspaper subscription. but first, we're going to get to the storms and sam. you have been tracking it all night. >> what a two days, george. this is as big as any strong outbreaks in the spring. let's get some pictures out of north carolina. frederick county, maryland. around the d.c. area. three to five inches of rain. 60-mile-per-hour to 70-mile-per-hour winds blowing through with that rain. and then, also, just outside asheville, north carolina. here's the biggest rainfall total we could find. five information of rain in 2 1/2 hours in boone, north carolina. and again, with the incredible winds, the wind gusts just through new york's la guardia airport. 70 miles, just off long island. a good sign. not before 23 tornadoes reported in the touchdown zone here. looking at 700 storm reports. feels like spring in georgia, right, steve?
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>> reporter: good morning, sam. this is what's left of a body shop. several people were working back here, who came right here. used to be an office. and it was blown away. they were lucky to get out alive. an incredible sight. terry tims was working in his office. when he looked out the window and saw this. >> come on, get over here. it's going across the food lion. >> reporter: this tv crew were running for cover when they caught this amazing video. the tornado barreling by, peeling the asphalt and churning through a factory. >> we have debris now flying to the left and center of this system. >> reporter: authorities now tell us there were five tornadoes tearing through georgia alone. this one was on the ground for more than 20 minutes. more than 100 cars destroyed. one man killed. jessica said it was her great uncle. he was crushed in his own home. they're still looking for the
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family's dog. >> i wouldn't want anybody else to live through this. it's tragic. it's hard. >> reporter: this morning, so many stories of survival. >> i couldn't get out. i was so scared. it just picked me up and flinged me three times, trying to get that door to close. >> reporter: in indiana, at least 2 tornadoes touched down with winds up to 95 miles per hour, leaving thousands without power. >> the winds were so fierce, it was throwing my car sideways. i didn't know if i was going to make it through or not. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, high winds flipped this helicopter. while this car in western michigan plunged 20 feet after heavy rain and snow melt caused flash flooding. >> we crashed our car into the river. we're on top of a storm drain in the middle of a river right now. the car is completely under water. please help. >> reporter: just so many people
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counting their blessings this morning, glad they made it through. we still have the active water rescues going on in maryland. remember, two to three inches of rain coming in just a matter of hours. during a storm system like this, you need to stay someplace where you're protected. this is not weather to play with. behind this gusty front is going to be a line of snow. places like pittsburgh, 70 degrees yesterday. they'll pick up a couple of inches of snow here. watertown, 60 degrees. almost their all-time january record high temperature, they'll get snow today. >> that is so powerful. now, we're going to turn to the latest on that harrowing hostage drama in alabama. a 5-year-old boy taken from his school bus on tuesday afternoon, now held by a gunman in an underground bunker. police are in a tense standoff. still at this hour. and abc's gio benitez is in midland city, alabama, with the very latest on this story.
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good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this is a tense yet delicate situation, this hostage standoff. delicate because we're talking about a 5-year-old little boy, a kindergartner. and right now, priority number one is getting him out alive. the boy is being held in a bunker about eight feet below ground. police say the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes likely has enough food and supplies to remain under ground for weeks. dykes has been communicating with police through a pipe extending from the bunker to the surface. what's more, the young hostage is a child with autism. dykes has allowed the boy to watch television. and have some medication. overnight, the community on edge. >> god would intervene in this situation. >> reporter: praying for the 5-year-old boy, still being held by the man who abducted him at gunpoint tuesday afternoon. nearly 40 hours have passed since school bus driver charles poland heroically tried to prevent the kidnapping.
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but he was shot to death. now, all of the fears are focused on the boy's safety. >> pray. pray. >> reporter: what do police do now? >> i believe in prayer. i just pray that we can resolve this peaceably. we have a lot of people here. a lot of volunteers. a lot of law enforcement agencies here to do what they can to get this job done. >> reporter: former fbi lead hostage negotiator, chris boss, says it is essential for police to be patient. >> the more patient approach they take, the less likely they are to the make mistakes. to move in slowly and get it right. >> reporter: right now, the question is why? what is the motive? and right now, we really don't know. but we're told, that there is no previous connection between this man and the little boy. elizabeth? >> hoping this end wells. >> we sure do. we're going to go to washington now, where president obama is enjoying his highest polling in four years and
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pulling out all the stops for his second-term agenda. immigration and gun control are at the top of the list and he discussed them both with our partner univision. and jon karl is at the white house with more on what comes next. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. in a foreshadowing of what you can expect to hear in the upcoming state of the union address, the president told univision that he believes that he can accomplish what many of his allies say is impossible. passing major new initiatives on gun control and immigration. immigration reform is something president bush tried and failed to do. congress hasn't touched gun control in nearly 20 years. but president obama told univision news anchor maria salinas, he thinks he can do both of them at the same time. >> i'm actually optimistic that we can get both done. both will end up generating opposition. >> reporter: on immigration,
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there's opposites, including marco rubio, who appear ready to work with the president. the president told univision that he's already taken steps to secure the border. >> we don't want to create some vague prospect in the future that somehow a comprehensive immigration reform, that includes a pathway to citizenship, will happen. >> reporter: the president acknowledged that gun control will be more difficult than immigration. but on wednesday, an impassioned gabby giffords helped him make the case, speaking before congress for the first time since a bullet shattered her skull two years ago. >> it will be hard. but the time is now. you must act. >> reporter: also testifying was the nra's wayne lapierre, who argued against new gun laws, including requiring background checks for all gun purchases. >> my problem with background checks is you're never going to get criminals to go through
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universal background checks. >> the president has not met with republicans like marco rubio to talk about his immigration plan. but he said in another interview last night, quote, i'm happy to meet with anybody, anytime, anywhere, to make sure this happens. george? >> he wants to move fast. jon karl, thanks very much. let's go to josh elliott, for the other top stories. things heating up in the middle east. there's serious escalation in an already tense region. this morning, israel's military on high alert, after launching an air strike in syria. targeting surface to air missiles that were apparently being sent on trucks to the military group hezbollah in lebanon. the attack appears to confirm fears that the chaotic civil war has left that country's supply of sophisticated weapons vulnerable. russia called israel's attack unacceptable.
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and defense secretary nominee chuck hagel sure to face tough questions during his first day of confirmation in the senate. he is not specifically pro-israel and wouldn't be tough enough on iran. and a developing story in arizona. a man wanted for opening fire inside a phoenix office building, killing a ceo in the process, is on the run at this hour. police say 70-year-old arthur harmon shot the top executive of a call center agency that he was suing. two others were wounded. harmon fled in a white rental car. police say he is armed and dangerous. and this morning, walmart has announced it will begin limiting sales of ammunition to three boxes per day per customer. new worries about gun control laws have led to a run on ammunition. and walmart says that it simply cannot keep up with the demand. and there's new proof that americans are living on the edge when it comes to their finances. a study out this morning,
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some 44% do not have a safety net, meaning they don't have enough money saved up to cover living expenses for three months. one-third of americans don't even have a savings account. meantime, the big winning streak on wall street ended abruptly wednesday, after word that the economy actually shrank last quarter. largely because government spending cuts. and a daring escape attempt in ohio. police surveillance video showing this, a woman in handcuffs, smashing her way out of a police car, actually kicking out the window. showering the arresting officer with glass in the process. but she didn't get far before turning on police. she had been accused of punching her own mother. and a night-time rescue caught on camera in new york harbor. a captain of a cargo ship, having a heart attack. police brought in their chopper. lifted him off the boat, so they could rush him to the hospital. he survived and is recovering this morning. and finally, let's chock one up for the fish.
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some fishermen hooked a giant black marlin off of panama. but the fish put up a fight. and a big one. brought down the boat. you can see it in this series of stills. this fish took the whole thing down. the boat ended up at the ocean's bottom. the fishermen, rescued. they're okay. as for the marlin, right now, the marlin's with his buddies saying, the boat was this big. this big. >> that's very good. >> very good. >> that's got to be the first time it's ever happened, right? >> probably. >> first time it's ever happened on "gma." >> right. thank you, josh. now, to a surprising and pretty unbelievable scheme to rip people off while they're on vacation. it starts with lists of people who put their newspaper delivery on hold while they're on vacation or out of town. california investigators are looking into dozens of cases and
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are tracking more of them down right now. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: they were homeowners who thought they were doing the safe, smart thing. putting their newspaper delivery on hold while they were on vacation. but, oh, how that backfired. l.a. sheriff detectives busted a burglary ring accused of brazenly targeting "los angeles times" subscribers. a man under contract with the paper gave the burglary crews subscribers' addresses. and they made their moves. >> it was a complete sacking of the residents. >> reporter: when detectives cracked the case, they found a warehouse of $100,000 in stolen goods. computers and instruments, like guitars and a cello. even someone's coffee pot. >> one of the suspects found the keys to the car inside the home. loaded the car full of their personal property and drove away in that stolen vehicle. >> reporter: they made changes to the vacation hold policy.
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she tells abc news that the paper sympathizes with those who have been harmed. and is very relieved to know that arrests have been made. and it will continue to cooperate with the authorities as needed. over thanksgiving, the same scam happened in northern california. and now, there's a warning. >> have a trusted neighbor, a relative, a friend, pick up your papers, pick up the mail, keep the yard neat. sfwlr security experts say it's okay to enjoy a vacation, just don't be too trusting when you're away. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> i hate to say i'm surprised somebody hasn't thought of this before. >> yeah. that's really something. okay, sports fans. how do you know when your silly superstitions have turned into a serious problem? this is serious stuff right now. your team will lose if you don't wear the right jersey or sit in the right chair? sit in that chair right now because abc's paula faris is here with some information you
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might need to know. >> could you please turn your mugs. you wear your sports hat and team's jersey a certain way. sounds like a quirk. but that simple superstition could be a sign of something more serious. ♪ very superstitious >> reporter: with the super bowl just days away, ads like this highlight that sports and superstition are synonymous. >> who put the remotes like this? >> reporter: in the film, "silver linings playbook," robert de niro plays a crazed football fan who needs his remotes arranged a certain way. in "moneyball," brad pitt's character thinks his presence is bad luck. michael jordan didn't play a nba game without his college unis
7:16 am
under. and then, there's jason giambi and his gold thong, which he wore to bust out of a slump. yet, superstitious behavior can morph into something more serious, ocd. that affects 200 million adults, as seen in "as good as it gets." >> don't touch. don't touch. >> get a life. >> reporter: but exhibiting ocd behavior doesn't necessarily mean in you have ocd. >> you can count steps. that doesn't mean you have ocd. >> reporter: so, even if you're like de niro's character, don't jump to conclusions. >> if it gets to the point where there are things you can't do because of those superstitions or those behaviors, then you may be on the edge of ocd. >> reporter: this is ocd. this is not. so, line 'em up, sports fans. and may the best team win. if you are exhibiting signs, make sure you see a specialist. signs of ocd, believe it or not, can develop as early as preschool age. it is not diagnosed through a blood test.
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rather through a doctor's evaluation. they recently found a link between strep throat and ocd. very intriguing. >> which causes which? >> go ahead, sam. >> i'm trying to think who has the worst superstitions on the set? josh -- >> robin. >> robin does. >> she has rituals. >> she has rituals. and it's the rabbit rabbit thing. let's get to the boards. we identified you, robin. we just did. we have some creek pictures coming out of frederick, maryland. live twitter pictures from you showing the flooding in that area. we should mention that the cold air is on its way out. all of that cold air is going to leave snow showers. this is seriously deep pocket of
7:18 am
cold air in that part of the country. this is 40 to 50-below windchills.
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>> all that weather was brought to you by party city. minneapolis, 2 degrees. spelled correctly on the big map. >> thanks so much, sam. coming up on "gma," the dramatic new testimony in the breakup murder trial. one of the victim's ex-girlfriends is on the stand. the jaw-dropping moment that shocked the courtroom. plus, the hero pilot that plus, the hero pilot that crash her plane in the icy hudson river. and banned from the super bowl. a ravens cheerleader says she was nixed from the big game. her campaign to get to new orleans right now. she was nixed from the big game. her campaign to get to new orleans right now. her campaign to get to new orleans right now. the capital one cash rewards card
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. highway 101 is being cleared in sunnyvale and clean up 30 gallons of spilled fuel that closed northbound 101 before fair oaks. the driver crashed before 3:00 a.m. into a guardrail before going east roadway and striking a light pole sustaining light injuries. traffic has been slow in the area. it is improving, though. sue has been following this. sue? >> all lanes just now re-opened northbound 101 at fair oaks. you can see by our app the traffic is backed here in this
7:24 am
shot bumper to bumper. it will be some time before this recovers fully. we have a major bart delay, the pittsburg and daly city because of early equipment problems. >> when we come back, mike nicco
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>> good morning, here is a look at hills and the haze we have around but it is not "spare the air" because we have a lot of sunshine compared to early in
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the month when we had rain. we need rain. but it is not in the forecast until next week. upper 30's to low 40's inland. upper 30's to low 40's inland. temperatures are compared toit y to save on a new mattress.
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sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ mayday, mayday. >> nerves of steel for that hero pilot right there. her plane was going one in the icy hudson river. they are safe now.
7:29 am
she and the passenger speaking out about the harrowing moments when they crash-landed. this story is just incredible. also, we're going to hear from the baltimore ravens cheerleader who was banned from cheefring this week at the super bowl. why she was sidelined. and the campaign to get her now to new orleans. she is not going down without a fight. >> it shouldn't be one of those girls. they look amazing. >> they do look amazing. >> wait until you see this woman. she looks pretty good, too. get ready for the ultimate super bowl supertizer. 47-layer dip. 47 ingredients. there it is. we have them scrolling along the bottom. josh, i know you have a big headline. >> very big headline. you need a big appetite. those are amazing. sam and i are pleased to
7:30 am
announce, we're heading to new orleans in a couple hours. we have a big "gma" supertailgate party. we have an extra seat. so, we're taking robin home for a very special homecoming to celebrate her recovery. upstairs right now. and i do believe she's called shotgun. >> it's #roadtripwithrobin. >> you can take the 47-layer dip with you. and dig into it all weekend. 4 we have to switch gears because we're going to have the latest dramatic testimony in the breakup murder trial. just when you think things could not look worse for jodi arias and her defense team, they make another move that backfires. this time, calling the victim's ex-girlfriend to the stand. ryan owens has the details. >> reporter: jodi arias' is
7:31 am
doing their best to put the victim, travis alexander, on trial. they called an ex-girlfriend of the 30-year-old businessman to show he was a liar and a cheater. >> he was cheating on me. >> do you know who he was cheating with? >> yes. >> who is that? >> jodi arias. >> reporter: pretending to be something he wasn't. >> after travis' death, were you shocked to learn that he was not a virgin? >> yes. >> reporter: arias admits she repeatedly stabbed and shot alexander, but claims it was self-defense. her attorneys are trying to convince the jury, he was a sexual deviant that abused her. when daidone was ask if she had seen a violent side? >> no. >> did you feel pressured to do anything? >> no. >> reporter: and her answer to
7:32 am
another question, may have dealt a real blow to the defense. >> did you ever refer to jodi arias has a stalker of travis alexander? >> yes. >> reporter: there were fireworks wednesday, when the prosecutor showed a graphic autopsy photo. >> you think in your mind, because you were the one that was experiencing, did you think -- >> objection. that is completely irrelevant. >> it shocked the witness. travis' sisters gasped. even jodi arias was crying. but the prosecutor kept going. >> do you think it is appropriate to take a knife and slash somebody's throat. >> relevance. >> reporter: the theatrics frustrated arias' attorneys. but the damage was done, on a day that was supposed to belong to the defense. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. let's get more from dan abrams. i'm not a lawyer.
7:33 am
but i thought the first rule for a lawyer in court is don't ask a question you don't know the answer to. >> and don't call witnesses that aren't going to help your case. we've seen witnesses called by the defense to prove what? he had an ex-girlfriend that was once mad at him. so what? another witness testified that she and her relative witnessed a fight that jodi arias once got in with alexander. oh, my goodness. they once got into a fight. if that's the standard for suggesting someone needs to engage in self-defense, we're all in a lot of trouble. >> are they backing themselves into a corner where they have to put jodi arias on the stand? >> i don't see how else they have a shot in this case. we talk about how risky it is to call a defendant to the stand. in this case, with things going as badly as they are, for jodi arias, the risks go down because
7:34 am
it's almost riskless. >> she creates one bit of sympathy. >> the only reason there's risk, is because the death penalty is on the table. she says i could wait. i'm going to get convicted of first-degree murder here. let's assume that's a given. and then, to testify in the penalty faphase. the jurors could believe she's lying to us. in the death penalty phase, it increases her chances. if they believe she lied during the guilt phase -- >> she gets one shot. >> there's a risk for her if she testifies and the jurors believe she is lying. now, to that incredible rescue in the crash-landing on the icy waters of the hudson river by an airplane. the hero pilot is speaking out for the first time about how she accomplished this feat. john muller has the story. >> mayday. >> reporter: as she stares death in the face, she is calm and
7:35 am
cool. denise depriester koch. landing her plane on sunday night. >> i had faith in my schools. i had faith in good. and i have faith in us being team together. >> reporter: she says the sightseeing trip went all wrong when the engine failed. >> i was focused like a robot on the landing because it was dark. >> reporter: passenger, kris smith, followed her lead. >> at the first sign of trouble, she looked at me and said, don't manic. >> reporter: they described the impact as smooth. but second, a death-defying drama unfolded. the plane starts to sink. >> we're in the water. we're filling up. we have to bail. >> reporter: they plunge into frigid, 35-degree water. >> i'm going to lose you. i'm going to lose you. the water's freezing. >> reporter: battling hypothermia for almost 30
7:36 am
minutes, ignoring the cold. >> my adrenaline was spiking so much. i was just swimming like i was in the tropics. >> there wasn't one second where she was not positive and kept me going. >> reporter: the pair was plucked out of the hudson by off-duty police officers who heard their calls for help. >> i want to thank everybody who was helping us to make it through. >> reporter: she even gives thanks to sully sullenberger, whose emergency landing on the hudson saved 155 lives in 2009. >> your example made me be determined to make a safe landing on the water. >> reporter: a preliminary report by the ntsb should be out next week. when i asked her about sully sullenberger, she lit up and said, can you help me meet them? sully, if you are watching "gma," there's a fellow pilot with hudson river experience that wants to meet you. >> i'm so impressed. thank you, john.
7:37 am
time to go to sam for another look at the nation's weather. hey, sam. >> good morning, you guys. we're going to start with pictures out of maryland. in maryland, generally, we've had a lot of reports of water rescues from the rushing water. two to three inches of rain coming in. this is wjla with pictures coming out of that area right now. we will also start with this picture. another twitter picture this morning. we were supposed to get a live shot out of sioux falls. if you look up here, this is from our crew. they couldn't get the live shot there because they have a blow drier rigged to free the dish. it's that cold up there. from 3 degrees to minus 20, the real temperature in minot. 58 in new york. this settles in and swings to the east. but we're getting the drier skies on the eastern seaboard. on the west coast, the opposite thing going on. a little
7:38 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by cadillac. 48, the high temperature in atlanta. there is cold air following that storm last night. coming up, she was banned from the super bowl. why has this cheerleader been banned from the big game? and copy kates. why plastic surgery is asking for kate middleton's nose? to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year.
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welcome back. it's 7:43. we have that baltimore ravens cheerleader who says she was unfairly banned from heading to the big game this sunday. so, what's really behind her getting sidelined before the super bowl? take a look. she is a five-year raven rallier, who has been shaking it on the baltimore ravens sideline since she was 18. but now, courtney lenz claims her cheerleading team is sidelining her from the super bowl possibly for gaining a couple of pounds. >> i feel as if it's a slap in the face. >> reporter: the 23-year-old beauty says she's been a dedicated team member from the start, even posing for ravens calendars.
7:43 am
but when the scales tipped 1.6-pounds in the wrong direction, lenz says the coaching staff took disciplinary actions. >> they required me to see a nutritionist. they required me to get counseling, all out of pocket. >> reporter: when she decided to pursue a new career off the field, lenz told her coaches she was going to hang up her pom-poms at the end of the season. >> the ravens are heading to new orleans. >> reporter: when lenz's beloved ravens were going to the super bowl, 32 girls were chosen. and despite her seniority, lenz was not one of them. >> the last straw had to come to the weight. they said i had a rough year. they had to take disciplinary action. >> reporter: lenz's fans rallied around her. creating this facebook page, with nearly 4,000 likes this morning. sparking a viral campaign to get her to the super bowl.
7:44 am
a spokesperson for the ravens tells abc news, our selection process was based on three see tier ya. seniority, performance ability, and personal conduct throughout the season. lenz was asked to hand in her uniform on sunday, dashing her super bowl dreams. >> seeing the love and support i have gotten from the stands, just means so much. and it's something i will take with me. >> that's a big experience. >> she looks fantastic. >> she sure does. we know somebody that's going to the super bowl, sam and josh. we're going to talk about that coming up. also ahead on "good morning america," there's a fool-proof formula for finding love online. we're putting new netheories to the test. josh is on his way back with team spirit. freeze it.
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pop in. stand out.
7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> happy birthday to tula. 90 years young. i can promise you. we have a bo-fer to get to. world of college hoops. this is for you. cheerleader v. mascot. guess who wins. western illinois mascot, rocky -- you can enjoy this because both were completely okay. they were okay. >> oh, no. >> that's bad. >> that cheerleader was okay? >> she was totally fine. we wouldn't be showing it. >> holding his nose. >> and this is every parents' worst nightmare. you bring your kid to the game. not that.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, celebrities will join 30,000 fans at mac world at san francisco's mascone center. ashton cupper will talk about his role in the film about steve jobs and discuss the future of technology. mike? >> we will start with visibility. we have fog up north. right on 101 from novato to quarter-mile visibility and everyone else is okay. temperatures four to 11 degrees above average today and tomorrow. cooler this weekend and rain next week. >> overnight big rig accident in sunnyvale which is finally cleared. north 85 to ramp northbound 17 north 85 to ramp northbound 17 and a major bart delay systemity to save on a new mattress.
7:56 am
7:57 am
sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
look at that. >> it is beautiful right here. and sam's -- >> the choice is, when you dip i dip, we dip. >> oh, wow. >> when i dip, you dip, we dip. >> there it is right there. >> it's a good choice, george. >> there it is right there. i had to wait for that. >> i just had coffee out the nose. >> can we hear that again? >> our 47-layer super bowl dip, right? so big, we have to keep it in shadow all morning. but now -- >> now? now? now? >> here it is, ladies and gentlemen. >> are ready for this? >> 47 layers. >> sam, you did double-check. >> we went through all the layers, george. it's 47. and although, all of these,
8:00 am
there's chemical reactions with all of these ingredients, you need to carefully put them together. this could take hours. lara and i will put in the first 2 ingredients of the 47, ladies and gentlemen. >> one. in goes one. one is brown rice. that's the bottom layer. lara, go ahead. >> number two. >> pinto beans. by the way, if you don't have this at home, run out and get it. it's about 13 inches across and 9 inches high. how many quarts is this? how many quarts is this? >> i don't know, but it's a lot of goodness. >> 12 quarts. >> we're going to -- we're going to give you all of the -- everything you need to know about this gorgeous dip. >> so, get to work. >> and then, i want to watch the two of you eat it. >> when i dip, you dip, we dip. >> we have a 47-layer dip, because we are heading to super bowl xlvii.
8:01 am
sam and i, the road trip. heading to new orleans. super tailgate party tomorrow. and it's going to be a great one. people on twitter, already using the #roadtripwithrobin because we're taking robin home. we're going home to the gulf coast. her recovery continues. it's phenomenal. >> i'm so psyched about this. she's tweeting this morning, that robin roberts. looking forward to our road trip. she says, she's calling shotgun. hey, elvis is in the building. looking for our road trip to new orleans. i call shotgun. >> that's great. >> she gets it. >> can i just say? you guys have no idea what elizabeth, george and i have planned, here in the studio. >> well, we've got a lot of dip. also ahead, the hot, new trend in plastic surgery. why so many women are clamoring -- we're showing the dip again? they're not clamoring for the dip. they're clamoring for kate's nose. can you believe it? there you go. >> we'll see why.
8:02 am
>> and how many different women are doing it. ketchup, dill pickle and pickled okra are among the layers of the 47-layer dip. we need to get news, as well. it's a fast-moving storm that walloped much of the country. sam's been telling us about it all morning. he'll have an update in moments. it spun off nearly two dozen reported tornadoes from the midwest, across the southeast. five of them in georgia alone. at least one man was killed. dozens of buildings and cars damaged or destroyed. and happening right now. heavy rain, flooding roads in maryland. one woman had to be rescued after getting stranded on top of her car. thousands of people also without power now across the northeast. again, sam has the update in just a court reporter of moments. police in alabama, negotiating with a man holding a 5-year-old boy hostage inside a bunker underground like the one you see here. the standoff has now lasted more than 40 hours. the suspect, believed to be mentally ill, shot and killed a
8:03 am
bus driver before taking the boy hostage. police say he may have enough food to stay in that bunker for weeks. and overseas, new tensions in the middle east today. russia has condemned an israeli air strike inside syria, calling it unacceptable. the israeli military bombed a cache of surface-to-air missiles that were apparently being sent from syria to the militant group hezbollah in lebanon. chinese hackers apparently at it again. this morning, "the new york times" saying hackers have been trying to break into the newspaper's computer network. for the past four months. the attacks coincided with a story the paper ran about the chinese prime minister. and in miami, take a look at this, a shocking x-ray. a mother of two, she was shot in the face during a robbery. that's the bullet lodged in her neck. now, remarkably, she survived the attack. doctors removed the bullet. and they expect her to make a full recovery. great news there.
8:04 am
meanwhile, all eyes will be on beyonce's lips as she speaks for the first time since her controversial performance at the inauguration. she has released a series of photos from her super bowl rehearsals, including this one, in full referee uniform. even posted some of the dance rehearsal on youtube. and today, she will be answering questions. at the traditional presuper bowl news conference. no word if she will address the lip-syncing she did at the inauguration. i guess that's it for me. it's going to be an unavoidable topic. >> she can not answer. >> she's going to get asked. >> she could just mouth the answer. >> aren't you smart? >> can i get a ding? one? thank you. thank you. i'm going to get right to "pop news." go have some dip. good morning, everybody. how are you? you're very excited for the dip, aren't you? >> we are. >> first, "pop news." we have another first look at this year's oscars.
8:05 am
here's a brand-new promo for the awards show, starring the one and only seth macfarlane. >> vodka martini. shaken, not stirred. >> yet, no one has ever stirred a martini. that's not how you make a martini. is this your first martini? this is your first martini, isn't it? you're going to have fun. >> look for a lot of his dry humor. it is going to be great. one more piece of oscars news. barbra streisand will be performing at this year's oscars. first time in 36 years on that stage, which is now building up to be quite the musical extravaganza. as you know, adele also there to perform "skyfall." >> and norah jones, will she be there? >> yes. it will be a great night. looking forward to it. it all happens february 24th, where? right here on abc. great news this morning. josh, listen up. i'm so excited. i know you will be, too. "entourage" is back. it looks like ari, vincent, johnny, drama and turtle will be back. this time on the big screen. warner brothers just green-lit
8:06 am
the project, which has been talked about since the hit hbo series went off the air in 2011. all the main characters are expected to sign on. and doug ellin will write and direct. i hope rex lee, who played his agent. i hope he is back. and my "entourage" withdraw will subside. >> it will be good to have ari back, as well. >> we should invite them on. i would love that. my vintage ensemble is in honor of this last story today. move over wiener mobile. make room for the big banana. the giant banana car built by a michigan man, has taken it to a whole, new level. it's 24 1/2 feet long. and the banana has parts of the ford f-150. he is currently driving the big banana around the u.s. and he does hope to take it on a tour through europe and asia. i will tell you, we're currently
8:07 am
efforting to get the big banana in times square. however, parallel parking could be a problem. >> wiener and banana in the same sentence. >> i know. i did. i was so excited. are we doing pop quiz? do we have time? >> no pop quiz. we have to go to sam and the weather. >> i'm so sorry. lara, how many people can fit in the big banana? how many people can fit in the big banana? can we get all of us in the big banana? i couldn't see. is there five seats in the big banana? i couldn't tell. no answers yet. we'll work on it. good morning, everybody. i promised you we would get you in. show us the sign. tell me your name. >> caroline franklin, from brunswick, georgia. >> what's the sign say? >> "gma." elizabeth, did you see? it's a gorgeous shot of you here. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on, as you step outside your door. it looks a little like this in the boston area.
8:08 am
there are some strong, gusty winds. we've had 77-mile-per-hour, to 80-mile-per-hour winds in that area as this front goes through. it's cold, gusty wind behind it. this is a great graphic. it shows the wind speed and the wind direction for the entire time period. look by friday morning, we get into the winds that are much calmer. probably in that 10-mile-per-hour to 30-mile-per-hour range. it is gusting all through tonight. >> still breezy in times square. but it's not raining on us now. let's go back to -- >> lara.
8:09 am
>> and, sam, i need your help. come back in as quickly as you can. we have our "morning menu." and our dip. but first, the hottest trend in plastic surgery is copying the duchess' nose. plus, stars going to extremes to slim down for the big screen. also ahead, cracking the code to online dating. really smart revelations. all that, plus our epic super bowl dip being built live on "gma." i have spilled number four. but number three is pico. but more coming up on "good morning america." cheers. but more coming up on "good morning america." cheers. i'm a tax professional. that's all i know. prior to joining h&r block... i was a cfo for 25 years. we know and we understand... tax laws, tax theories. this is my dream job.
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8:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] yes. yes. come on, sam. i need the bowl. >> here's the bowl. >> number five. and i -- nacho cheese doritos. you wonder why we're being so specific, there's more doritos to come. >> there should not be left out of anything. >> cucumber. wow. >> staying healthy. >> all that. >> and, elizabeth, as we add the pepper jack, we send it back to you. >> only 40 to go, boys. >> no snacking. while they make our dip, we're going to talk about the new trend in plastic surgery,
8:15 am
inspired by kate middleton, of all people. people are asking to copy one future of her frequently-photographed face. it's her nose. we teased it. >> reporter: it is her nose. shocking story, though. nose jobs are nothing new. they were the second-most copied procedure in 2011. what is new is the specific request doctors are getting from people about to go under the knife. they want their nose, yes, to look like kate's. women have tried to duplicate just about everything of kate middleton. her hair style. her wedding dress. her engagement comes in maternity sizes now. but the obsession with the duchess of cambridge isn't just a fashion frenzy anymore. now, people want her nose. >> like, that's what i want. i want my nose to be like that. >> reporter: 21-year-old jessica, felt her nose was too big for her face. and she hated the way the tip dropped when she smiled.
8:16 am
after the royal wedding, jessica brought a picture of kate middleton to her doctor's office. and paid $12,000 to change her nose from this, to this. >> i'm very thrilled. her nose is what i modeled with. that's what i got. it was a process. but it was worth it. >> jessica's nose looks a lot like kate's now. one british cosmetic surgery says kate's nose was the most requested procedure they came across. >> kate middleton's nose is the stale they like. >> people call her by name? >> they have her picture. >> reporter: this is what they find so ideal about her nose. it has a strong, defined tip. a gentle feminine swoop on the bridge. and is perfectly in proportion to her face. >> it's strong. it's a woman's nose.
8:17 am
it's not overdone. and i don't think kate has a nose job. i think she was blessed with good genes. >> a hair cut or a sense of style is one thing. but at this rate, who knows what people will try to duplicate next. who knows? in britain, there's stories of women taking out loans to cover the cost of getting a nose that looks like kate. for those who become so obsessed with the duchess, will they want her eyes? her cheeks? >> her husband. >> of course. i want to pass along, nose job the second-most popular. the first is breast augmentation. >> oh. >> no shocker there. >> inquiring minds. people wanted to know. >> thank you, linsey. going to go from people who bay to alter their bodies as people who get paid to alter their bodies. show matthew mcconaughey right there. he lost all that weight to play
8:18 am
a man who has aids. and ashton kutcher playing steve jobs. >> reporter: stunning hollywood transformations. christian bale, batman to fighter. 50 cent's bulging muscles, now barely recognizable, for his role in "all things fall apart." and hugh jackman said he lost about 25 pounds for his role on "les mis." >> i had gone on a water dehydration diet. >> reporter: celebrities, losing weight and fast. >> you can look. but you cannot touch. >> reporter: in "magic mike," matthew mcconaughey strutted his stuff on screen. but only a few months later, he looked old and frail. dropping 50 pounds to play the
8:19 am
part of a man with hiv. >> it takes a while for your body to understand that it has to feed off of itself. and you're not going to give it something else from the outside. >> reporter: now, he's packing the weight back on. only five pounds shy from his goal weight. health experts warn in kind of yo-yo dieting can be dangerous. >> people end up with gallbladder issues. >> reporter: ashton kutcher says he wound up in the hospital, after following the fruit diet to look more like steve jobs. when stars aren't losing weight for roles, many are gaining it. >> they take drastic measures to get drastic results. >> reporter: perhaps the best part of losing all that weight is gaining it back again. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> bring on the milkshakes. >> what dedication. now, millions of people look for love online. but what if you're not doing it
8:20 am
the right way? one woman says she's cracked the online dating code. we're going to talk to her in a minute with the great tips. first, take a look at how some of those tips changed one woman's online luck. online dating is a little like shopping. >> he's cute. >> reporter: so many choices. but what if a formula, a secret code could weed out the losers. >> i'm lori. i'm 37 years old. i've been dating online. they haven't been the kind of guys i guess i want to hear from. >> reporter: lori has grown frustrated after spending years searching for mr. right online. but what she doesn't realize is sometimes to land a man, you have to think like one. and that's where this woman comes in. >> the special things about me, i listed that i speak japanese and i know thml. >> reporter: meet amy web, a frustrated dater and math whiz who was meeting all of the wrong
8:21 am
guys. until she decided to crack the online dating code to meet quality men. how did she do it? logged on a guy to assess the competition. >> they were all attractive. they all sounded happy. and i looked at my profile. i spent a month collecting data. how much skin should you show in a profile photo? >> she took her findings and created a superprofile page. a few months later, she met the guy who would become her husband. when you finally decided to become honest with yourself and update your profile, men came flooding in. >> i was the most popular i've been in my entire life. >> reporter: amy turned her science project into a book, titled "data: a love story." women like lora, amy noticed some big no-noes with her online
8:22 am
profiles. amy says don't underestimate the power of a profile picture. that means, no pictures with friends, especially if they could be competition. and no drinking pictures. >> you're doing some self-sabotage. >> don't intimidate potential dates. >> you're a great dancer. and you talk a lot about dancing. but i guarantee you you're intimidating a lot of men. >> reporter: we checked in with lora a week later, post-online profile makeover. >> i have some dates lined up, which is exciting. the guys are more within my age range. it's really showing a lot better. >> amy webb, the author of "data: a love story," is joining us right now with phenomenal tips. and you're a great success story. >> thank you so much. >> i think the book is smart and logical. you were out of a long-term relationship. bad luck with online dating.
8:23 am
and you decided to reverse engineer it. >> i was in a terrible relationship. the problem was, i didn't have people to go out with, they were the wrong people. and what i learned early on, part of the issue was i didn't know exactly what i wanted. i hadn't identified my audience. if you think of the online dating space is a place where you're selling products, and you are the product, you have to market your product appropriately. >> how did you do that? >> i didn't have to have a nose makeover. one of the things i did was, i looked at what some of the other people were doing that were successful. so -- >> you did this by becoming ten different men and studying your competition. you interacted with 90 women to see what was working and what wasn't, when you were in the man's head. >> but they really went back to the list i made. i came up with 72 different data points, things i was looking for in a man. and i wanted to see who were the
8:24 am
women that would be attracted to someone like this. >> your discoveries were simple and so smart. number one, make it positive. >> one of the things i discovered in the research, is people try to use sarcasm to be funny. especially on the east coast. and the issue is, most people aren't phenomenal writers. it's very difficult to convey sarcasm or your sense of humor if you can't hear your voice. >> keep it light, tight and bright. >> sure. >> and pictures, three to five, plenty. >> i chose the least bad. and i had plenty of awful photos. hayed run by those somebody else, they would have said take some new ones. >> it's worked for you. happy married with child. there's phenomenal tips. check out the book. amy webb, we thank you for being with us. we'll be back with dip.
8:25 am
>> now, from abc7 news, animal activists are planning a naked protest against a city law banning nudity. the protest starts at noon at city hall. people for the ethical treatment
8:26 am
of animals or against the use of animal skin for clothing are known for naked protests. activists have challenged the new city ordinance banning public nudity but a federal judge upheld the ban which takes affects tomorrow. >> now, how is the commute going? >> still tough in san jose, northbound 101 jammed bug of a big rig accident that has been cleared but slow traffic remains from north 101 to sunnyvale area. elsewhere, bart delay at 15 minutes because of early problems on track system-wide. no other mass transit problems and an accident at 280 before sandhill road in the two left lanes. >> we will c
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we are looking at fog that is lifting, almost unlimited in santa rosa, improving rapidly in novato. 33 in santa rosa, above freezing and no more black ice. half moon bay, already 50. temperatures today are four to 11 degrees warmer than average and mid-to-upper 60's and near 70 today and tomorrow we're putting out a call across america, to find the perfect "gma" look-alikes. do you think you know someone that looks like robin, george,
8:29 am
josh, sam? the eyes, the smile, the nose, the hair? maybe not that hair. go to and send us your picture. you might end up here on "good morning america," seeing double. >> double-vision. we like that. hey. hi, everyone, out in times square. i get the song. we have a lot of photos coming in. it's going on until march. kind of daunting. >> i think it's cool. >> with a mohawk. >> i don't know. we have lots of star power this half hour. from "home improvement" to "last man standing," tim allen. he's here live in a few minutes. talking to us. great to see him again. >> and apparently, we have a little quiz for you, tim. we're going to find out how much you know about your own shows. >> oh.
8:30 am
>> he's headed for the door right now. >> you have to eat the dip. jude law also here. new movie coming out. and one "good morning america" anchor happens to have a cameo in the film. >> and is the anchor really talented and handsome? >> hopefully. who can keep up with khloe kardashian? we can at "gma" because khloe is right here. we're so happy to see you. >> we're running out of spotlights in the studio. so, it is time -- i know everybody's been on the edge of their seat. it is time. super bowl xlvii upon us. why not make a 47-layer dip? >> why not?
8:31 am
>> we have food editors. and they posted a how-to video. it's gone viral. it's great to have you both here. first question, the most obvious, why? why? >> i keep asking myself that. it was -- it started out as an idea. seven-layer dip is great. but we can do better. our great video editor pointed out, it's the 47th birsuper bow. so, 47 layers make sense. >> is there any rhyme or reason to said order? >> the dip works in sections. if you look in the middle, there's a hamburger section. you have ground beef, french fries, ketchup, cheese. there is a logic to it. >> we like to think of it as
8:32 am
geological strata. exactly. right. >> was there really like a 48th ingredient that didn't make the cut? or we might see for next year? >> that's a really good question. i think the 48th layer, you have to find it in your heart. it's different for everyone. >> well done. all right. >> we have it. start going. >> all right. >> move that around. >> obviously, this is not a one-person job. >> rachel actually made this dip alone. she came into the office the next day exhausted. >> is there a certain way? lara pointed out -- is there a way to eat this dip? >> there's two options. the first is to use your hand down in there. and the other is, if you get a plate and you get a nice, big
8:33 am
spatula, you pull it up. and scoop it. >> and there's scooping. >> you guys are moving fast. it's amazing. >> how much time do we have left? we have one minute. i think we're just going to make it. >> unbelievable. >> that's amazing. >> how quickly you're doing this. >> are you proud? >> i am so proud. this is a dream come true for us. >> and they said it couldn't be done. >> they were wrong. >> tim allen joining us. >> as we near completion of the dip. >> i think this reminds me of that jazz band, salmonella. >> how long is this stuff going to fit in here? >> yay. >> beautiful.
8:34 am
>> scottie, come here. we need a taster. we need a taster. >> scottie -- i don't know how you're going to do this. you do whatever you have to do. >> there's a chip. >> it's nothing to test the top of it. >> you didn't get in there. >> get in there, scottie. >> go on, online. and check it out. thumbs up? >> scottie gives it thumbs up. >> somewhere along my way i lost my note card for the weather. >> would you say this is a weather event? >> i'm afraid of the chemical reactions that may occur. we're going to start with the twitter pictures. texas sunrise, coming in this morning. georgia storm damage, getting into us.
8:35 am
what a rough two days it's been. finally, cooler air in here. look what happens in the deep south. there will be freezing temperatures on that front. orlando, 55. tallahassee, 38. in the spring air comes the brutal cold around the great lakes. chicago, you're going back to the teens. you'll even out at 25. boston, from 56 today to 30 over the next couple of days. and l.a., sitting there at 75 degrees. >> there's more? all that was brought to you by transition lenses. it is virtually -- this is the
8:36 am
first tas. it's impossible to get more than three or four things. >> sam, i admire your bravery, man. back, now, with tim allen, starring in "last man standing." you're very wise. >> i like dip. but at this hour of the morning. you know, i don't know how you guys do it. the stuff was here for three days. the viruses we're talking about. i saw stuff in there. come on. >> so, second season of "last man standing." you're back. it has to feel great. i love how you're getting a little more edgy. >> i'm a comedian, right? i get both sides of the political spectrum i get to deal with. i love messing with liberals, as well as conservatives. we have a very liberal staff. i love archie bunker. i loved that he was able to say rude stuff. we've been able to push the
8:37 am
envelope quite a bit. sometimes i say, i want to call the character does, he calls obama a communist. that will get standards and practice -- you cannot call the man -- >> socialist is okay. >> you can't call him a socialist. i didn't know communist was a nasty word. i didn't think in modern day -- >> check your e-mail after you try that. let's check out a little clip of tomorrow night's show. >> why do you let ryan call the shots with boys? >> sometimes parents have to compromise. i gave in to ryan on the pledge. and in return, we don't have to use unbleached toilet paper. >> there's just things like toilet paper and presidents that should be white, right? >> there's been black presidents? it's been so long, it's hard to remember. >> you get both sides there. >> i said, we picked up -- as long as it's handled with humor. and we present both sides, we
8:38 am
really like having something to talk about. it's been a dramatic change. television is a very different landscape than "home improvement." "home improvement" was top in its games in the numbers. >> can you feel that on the show? >> i can't feel it. i'm grateful to be back on a set. nancy and i both veterans. we love being in this business. and love having three girls as opposed to three boys. i love these girls. the part of their lives i have to deal with. >> dealing with being a mom right there. >> i like the difference. and zachary todd brian who played my middle boy. and jonathan taylor thomas, shadowing our director. >> how much of you is in the character? >> i would say mike baxter is a little closer. he is a university of michigan graduate in marketing. he's an advertising guy. we can't get away -- i tell
8:39 am
ryan. he's not a stupid man. he traveled around the country. we had an episode where he was flummoxed about a cappuccino. there's no excuse for his behavior. i want him to be an educated guy that has definite opinions that don't correspond -- i don't want him politically correct. >> "last man standing" tomorrow night, at 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, jude law is here. and he is live. ys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful
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♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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8:42 am
back, now, with jude law. he is starring in a tense, new thriller, "side effects." he plays a doctor whose life spins out of control thanks to one patient. i was exhausted after watching this movie. >> it has a fantastic twist. it's set in the world of pharmacology. i play a psychiatrist. it plays back to "double indemnity." "jagged edge," "fatal attraction." things that you can't see where whatever happens next.
8:43 am
rooney mara, so tortured. your patient tracks you down. and she interrupting a conversation you're having with your wife. >> she invades my life more and more. >> can we talk? >> if it's an emergency, i can meet you. >> i just don't -- i was getting on the subway. and it was like when i was in the car. i have to go to work in five minutes. >> you're going to go to work after? okay. five minutes. call me after your meeting. >> just when i thought i knew where we were going -- >> rooney is particularly special. she has an ability to lure you in. and you don't feel you're
8:44 am
getting 100%. so, there's a sense that you want to see more and find out more and understand more. >> how about catherine zeta-jones? >> catherine's in it. she's feisty in it. >> feisty. well-said. >> she packs a punch. >> although the material is deep and it deals with a moral gray zone, as far as doctors prescribing pharmaceuticals, there's a lot of big questions in this movie. but behind the scenes, you had a fabulous time together. >> we did. we were in the hands of steven soderbergh. he is a great filmmaker. and he believes in the workplace being a fun place. it's a great group of people. channing tatum is a great, fun guy. >> i'm so glad you brought him up. >> why is that? >> i enjoy his body of work. >> or his body? >> that was for you, george. >> and so, yeah. we did. we had a lot of fun. >> we has said, even though you
8:45 am
didn't share any scenes, channing said to one of the interviews you've been doing, you're his man crush. >> i did hear that. i think he's pulling someone's leg. surely. >> can i ask you about another one of the actors. a breakout star who had a pivotpivo pivotal scene. >> i was a little nervous. >> it's the one and only. let's put it on. who is it? oh, yeah. i mean, you're a talented actor. what did you think of our josh elliott? >> he was biting at my heels. >> he wanted your role, didn't he? >> he did a good job, don't you think? >> he did a great job. it is an important scene. this is the kind of movie we can't say too much. suffice it to say, jude law is terrific.
8:46 am
>> apparently so. >> we have to go. please, come back. >> of course, i will. >> "side effects" in theaters february 8th. coming up,
8:47 am
8:48 am
. it's time to catch up with khloe kardashian. her career is skyrocketing and her business is booming. she is trying to get young women more in touch with their bodies. tell me about this campaign. it's called generation no. >> this is the third year i've partnered with kotex. it was such an honor to be asked this because there's so many girls in my family. >> yes, there are. >> but when you're young, i have two older sisters. one's five years older. one's three years older. when i was a teenager, i didn't have anybody to go to ask, you know, the things that you're
8:49 am
embarrassed about. or that you might feel uncomfortable asking anybody. so, for my little sisters, i always made them feel -- >> your didn't go to your big sisters? >> no. i just felt that -- when you're 10, and one's 15, you're embarrassed. i would go to my mom. but you don't ask everything you want to ask. >> what kind of questions can girls go and ask? >> go to and there's myth busters, which i love, because there's so many things that people tell you. >> right. >> that you might think is true or not true. and it's a forum to go on, ask questions, if you are too embarrassed. sign up. people can help you. you can bust all these myths. it's just so informative. i love that because i have two little sisters. if they don't want to ask me something, i direct them -- >> i have to say, that you pretty much bust every myth. and talk about every off-limits topic. you are not shy.
8:50 am
>> we're not shy. no. >> so, it's all out there. >> it is all out there. and you know, that is the blessing of being so close with the family. but still, even in school, i like, i wasn't taught certain things about my body or even i was comfortable asking. so, even as honest or as comfortable as you are with your own skin, sometimes -- now, with social media, easier to hide behind a computer screen, log online, and ask questions that way. >> your not just on many family constellations. you're also on "the x factor." >> that was my first time hosting live tv. i got better with my confidence. by the last show, i just got in the groove. and it's over. >> who is going to take britney spears' place? >> i have no idea. big changes. but i was hired a week before
8:51 am
the show aired. so, i feel like simon might do the same thing. >> oh, no. >> he loves to wait until the last minute. the suspension. >> your family's expanding. you're about to be an aunt again. your sister, kim, is pregnant. and you and lamar are trying to start your own family. how is that going? i don't want to ask details. fertility has been a lot of issues for women in this country. and you've been upfront about a lot of things. >> i've been open and honest about it. kimberly is the one that made me go to the doctor and check my body. and figure out what was wrong, if anything. and that is also why i'm so proud to be a part of a brand like you by kotex, is women need to be aware of their bodies. and if there are issues, if there's question and concerns. right now, lamar and i have been married for three years. >> good luck with that. i think you'll be a great mom.
8:52 am
>> i think so, too. and i'm excited to have another niece or nephew. >> good luck with that. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
josh, sam, robin headed to new orleans. "gma live!" one minute. >> away we go. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. >> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am kristen sze. 49ers quaterback culliver apologized for the controversial antigay comments he made during the daily news even at have been
8:58 am
in new orleans. on tuesday high told a radio shock job -- shock jock he did not want gay player on the game. >> four degrees warmer in redwood city, and today the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's and even a few 70's. sunshine tomorrow, and cooler this weekend. >> bart delay at 15 minutes system-wide because of equipment problems but no other mass transit delays and slow traffic north 101 southbound now at 880 an accident involving a big rig >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new comedy "identity thief," jason bateman. and he place sherlock holmes in "elementary," jonny lee miller. plus, your comments and
8:59 am
questions up the inbox. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: here are kelly ripa ! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi! hello! hello! michael: exciting! kelly: thursday, january 31, 2013.


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